CDC provides a wide range of highly cost-effective and customized services to companies in varied industries such as Publishing, entertainment, fashion, music, finance, environment, business, commerce, IT and telecommunications, travel and tourism, hospitality, education, etc. Our affordable services are ideal for small, medium and large scaled private and corporate organizations and also start-up businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs.


CDC offers wide-ranging services to support your business development. Our services in Logo Design & Recreation, Brand Collateral (Fliers, Leaflets, Posters, Brochures, Newsletters, and Infographic Design) and Website Designs.


We offers high quality design and production of print and digital advertising in all formats. All ads are custom designed based on the client specification and we delivered the files within 24 hours. Our operation is built for high volume, quick turnaround and exceptional quality.


CDC design studio offers end-to-end illustration service for books, magazines, manuals, journals, brochures, advertisements and reference works. We can visualize and design creative covers based on your concepts.


We have in-depth experience in the Layout Design, typesetting and prepress (pagination, using InDesign, Quark, proof reading/QC, copy editing, etc.) for books and Magazines. CDC has expertise to generate industry standard PDF files.


We are creating an outstanding photo retouch and manipulation services for variety of purposes. we offer a low price of our services and secondly, the turnaround time is as promised. For some really quick jobs, we can deliver the project in straight 12 hrs of time...


We creating new consumer engaging packaging, to redesigning existing packaging with a new exciting twist, we can offer anything you need, including the cost effective sourcing and all associated components and collateral


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About Us

This is what we are.

Chris Design Creator (CDC) provides solutions that enable publishers to create, manage, repurpose, and distribute the contents. We combine people, processes, and technologies to create high quality product/service for electronic and print media. Our flexible delivery modules using our offshore resources and services provide unmatched value for our clients.
We offer the finest business process services and solutions through our highly qualified professionals and at a competitive price structure. We take responsibility in handling medium- and high-volume business processes and deliver quality-assured outputs with fast turnaround time.

Our Work Process.


New innovations based on great values. New products based on function and design with added the business values. This brand will contain items for a beautiful everyday use. We will explore design and what is possible, we will listen to tendencies in the world and create trends for the people. Combine known icons to create new products.


CDC offers sustainable development in most of the designs from systems to product output and get the best design works. We are extensive experience and experimentation in sustainable design has given us the ability and knowledge to deliver to our clients exactly what they want.


During design development, a project's schematic design is refined, including designing details and selecting materials. This step occurs after the owner/client has approved the schematic design. Prepare design and meet with client to refine design and obtain approvals.


This is the end-to-end process that directly interacts with the customer. It consists of all the steps that a customer goes through in the co-creation of value. The service delivery process begins when the customer first interacts with the service organization or system and ends when the delivery of the desired service is completed and the customer exits the process.