CDC design studio offers end-to-end illustration service for books, magazines, manuals, journals, brochures, advertisements and reference works. We have rich experience in handling complex line artwork. Also our art solutions provide all kind of art creation works for STM Books, Marketing thoughts and statistical books, University and children's school books and Environment and special information books.


Our group of illustrators and visual artists can manage Lineart, Halftone and Line & Overall tone in b/w as well as color; whatever your need, we provide you with book designs that are of the finest quality and provides your guides the entertaining advantage over your opponents.


  • We provide artworks in Raster and Vector formats.
  • Anatomys and Medical Drawings
  • Chemical structural drawing
  • Cartoons and clipart
  • Automotive and mechanical drawings
  • Chart, graphs and technical drawing
  • Map
  • Photorealistic and environment drawing
  • Artwork Relabel